quotient space

espacio cociente

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  • Quotient space — In topology and related areas of mathematics, a quotient space (also called an identification space) is, intuitively speaking, the result of identifying or gluing together certain points of a given space. The points to be identified are specified …   Wikipedia

  • quotient space — Math. a topological space whose elements are the equivalence classes of a given topological space with a specified equivalence relation. * * * …   Universalium

  • quotient space — noun A space obtained from another by identification of points that are equivalent to one another in some equivalence relation. Syn: identification space …   Wiktionary

  • quotient space — Math. a topological space whose elements are the equivalence classes of a given topological space with a specified equivalence relation …   Useful english dictionary

  • Quotient space (linear algebra) — In linear algebra, the quotient of a vector space V by a subspace N is a vector space obtained by collapsing N to zero. The space obtained is called a quotient space and is denoted V / N (read V mod N ). Definition Formally, the construction is… …   Wikipedia

  • Quotient — In mathematics, a quotient is the result of a division. For example, when dividing 6 by 3, the quotient is 2, while 6 is called the dividend, and 3 the divisor. The quotient can also be expressed as the number of times the divisor divides into… …   Wikipedia

  • Quotient of subspace theorem — The quotient of subspace theorem is an important property of finite dimensional normed spaces, discovered by Vitali Milman.Let (X, | cdot |) be an N dimensional normed space. There exist subspaces Z subset Y subset X such that the following holds …   Wikipedia

  • Quotient category — In mathematics, a quotient category is a category obtained from another one by identifying sets of morphisms. The notion is similar to that of a quotient group or quotient space, but in the categorical setting.DefinitionLet C be a category. A… …   Wikipedia

  • Quotient module — In abstract algebra, a branch of mathematics, given a module and a submodule, one can construct their quotient module. This construction, described below, is analogous to how one obtains the ring of integers modulo an integer n , see modular… …   Wikipedia

  • Space (mathematics) — This article is about mathematical structures called spaces. For space as a geometric concept, see Euclidean space. For all other uses, see space (disambiguation). A hierarchy of mathematical spaces: The inner product induces a norm. The norm… …   Wikipedia

  • space — 1. noun /speɪs/ a) The intervening contents of a volume. If it be only a Single Letter or two that drops, he thruſts the end of his Bodkin between every Letter of that Word, till he comes to a Space: and then perhaps by forcing thoſe Letters… …   Wiktionary

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